Elétrico Amarelo

Elétrico Amarelo is a small creative studio based in sunny Lisbon. We’ve been crafting beautiful websites, helping brands grow from scratch and making clients happy for years.

With our prestigious craftsmanship, remarkable client care and passion for design, you could say we’re makink sure web is a friendlier place one pixel at a time.

We think you’ll love working with us. You’re invited to meet us and find out why we all share a passion for all things digital or, at the very least, share a cup of the best Lisbon’s coffee / tea.




Our experience is extensive – we’ve delivered branding, informational and educational sites through to product launches, marketing and social campaigns – for startups to enterprise. We specialise in crafting bespoke websites at the forefront of the web, delivering unique, engaging and award-winning outcomes. Through in-depth strategy and design, we focus on exploiting the best of digital to deliver on strategic objectives.


We build experiences across all devices, we aim to span our expertise covering mobile strategy, UI design, mobile application development and mobile websites.
In our day and age, the reach of digital platforms is vast and the opportunities to communicate and engage audiences is ever expanding. Our focus on the user is key, and ensures that the right message and ideal experience is provided across all devices

Digital Strategy

Covering in-depth analysis and research, a great digital strategy will help define the best way forward and drive your project toward success. A great digital strategy is all about understanding the problem. By defining objectives and exploring new territory we help to position brands at the forefront of digital.

Concepts & Ideas

It isn’t enough to simply create a fancy campaign, app or website with beautiful design and cutting edge technology. By combining our technological expertise, our experience, our creativity and our innovative ideas we believe that we can deliver a solution that will meet all our clients needs.